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Happy Valentines Day!

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Welcome to Grove Smiles® Dentistry's Family Dentist Coconut Grove FL Archive. Here you can learn more about Grove Smiles® Dentistry, Dentistry, and Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S., today's choice for Dentists in Coconut Grove, FL. Read Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.'s Dentistry Family Dentist Coconut Grove FL for the health of it.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Coconut Grove FL

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Coconut Grove FL

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Happy Tooth! Get Your Smile On!


"Just a moment... I hear people wanting something... ME!"                                                                  - Ramon - Happy Feet Hear the Sound of Laughter? You Bet! Our Happy Tooth, Root of All ...


Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019 Coconut Grove FL

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Happy Frankensmiles

Happy Frankensmiles Coconut Grove FL

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Great Dentistry Set for 2017!


Here Comes the New Year! In honor of 2016, we are looking forward to helping you and your families create 2017 to be healthiest your teeth and gums have been yet! To launch this goal here is a review of some of the top questions asked by our patients to Dr. Stephen Parr and the rest of ...


Getting More From Your Dental Visit

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When you go to the dentist especially with your whole family, you probably don’t usually ask yourself the following question, “What can I do to make our dental visits as productive and effective as possible?” We know that sometimes it’s hard enough to simply get everyone there on time and in one piece. But we also know ...


The Sherlock Holmes of Teeth – Your Dentist


The date is circled on your calendar and you are counting down the days to that often dreaded appointment to see the dentist.  At that appointment they will ask the questions you would like to avoid answering about your dental hygiene.  Although we may not fear the dentist, we know that our dental hygiene and ...


Stop Nail Biting To Protect Teeth and Health

Dentist Coconut Grove FL Biting Nails And Dental Health

WHETHER IT’S DONE consciously or subconsciously, nail biting habits affect people of all ages, and normally begins at a very young age.  About 30% of kids from age 7-10 bite their nails, and 45% of teenagers have this habit which they take into adulthood. Now on the surface, nail biting may not seem like a big deal. ...


#Cavities#Why Am I Getting Them Now?


I am so glad you clicked on this article on your search for "Why am I getting more cavities now?" If you have been getting cavities all of a sudden, let's explore the possible reasons why to prevent more from forming. Of course, the treatment of getting them filled should be step one; but step two ...


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