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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


Everyone Loves a Bright, White Smile!

At Coconut Grove Dentistry located in Coconut Grove, FL love to help you show off your pearly whites. To do this we offer both in office and home teeth whitening solutions.

In office we prefer to use the Zoom!® Professional Whitening System to whiten our patient’s teeth. This scientifically advanced procedure is safe, effective—and fast. It makes teeth dramatically whiter in less than an hour. This is the best option for busy individuals who want quick results.

We also offer custom-made, take-home trays for a reliable, cost-effective whitening option. They are specially designed to hold the whitening gel evenly against the teeth, providing a comfortable fit than can be worn for extended periods of time. Patients typically see a 5- to 8-shade difference in 10 to 14 days if they whiten for 30 minutes to an hour a day.

To learn more about Zoom!® in-office whitening or the custom-tray option, contact us at 305-858-0505.

The office of Dr. Stephen J. Parr is conveniently located in Coconut Grove, FL and also conveniently serves the Coral Gables and Miami, Florida communities.

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