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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better

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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better


Are you starstruck by the incredible miles of smiles of Hollywood's finest? Do you cover your mouth or try to hide your not so white an bright teeth when you smile? Worst of all, do you find yourself in the drugstore staring and reading the box and bottle of every at-home whitening product, oral rinse, teeth whitening ...


Tongue-Tied? We Can Help!


As a long-standing family dental practice in Coconut Grove, FL, we feel it is important to not only give our amazing residents great advice and tips to better oral health but to provide you solutions for some uncommon challenges.  One challenge that many families have asked us about over our thirty years is a condition ...


Getting More From Your Dental Visit

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When you go to the dentist especially with your whole family, you probably don’t usually ask yourself the following question, “What can I do to make our dental visits as productive and effective as possible?” We know that sometimes it’s hard enough to simply get everyone there on time and in one piece. But we also know ...


Unlocking The Solution To TMD


Does your jaw ache when you chew, or when you open your mouth wide to yawn?   Do you hear clicking or popping sounds loud enough to worry or bother you?   Does your jaw ever lock up as you open it?   Do you experience soreness or stiffness in your jaw after you awaken in the morning, ...


Stop Nail Biting To Protect Teeth and Health

Dentist Coconut Grove FL Biting Nails And Dental Health

WHETHER IT’S DONE consciously or subconsciously, nail biting habits affect people of all ages, and normally begins at a very young age.  About 30% of kids from age 7-10 bite their nails, and 45% of teenagers have this habit which they take into adulthood. Now on the surface, nail biting may not seem like a big deal. ...


Teeth Whitening: Which Product is Best?


Bling! Hollywood White! Almost everyone is looking for a bright white Hollywood smile these days. Everywhere you go, you can see products for at-home whitening, oral rinses, strips, toothpastes etc., but what is the difference between the products and what are are the benefits of having your teeth professionally whitened? Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening: Whitening trays and ...


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