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Olympic Smiles By Breaking Bad Habits

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Welcome to Grove Smiles® Dentistry's Dental Checkups Coconut Grove FL Archive. Here you can learn more about Grove Smiles® Dentistry, Dentistry, and Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S., today's choice for Dentists in Coconut Grove, FL. Read Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.'s Dentistry Dental Checkups Coconut Grove FL for the health of it.

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Olympic Smiles By Breaking Bad Habits


The Olympics are here! We are celebrating with the champions of the world as they put their years of hard training and preparation to the test as they compete with glorious pride for their country. Today we will celebrate the unsung heroes - YOUR TEETH who have to sustain not only everyday wear and tear but ...


The Whole Picture Of Oral Piercings


As you know in our office, we love to celebrate art and self-expression. Today that freedom of self-expression can be seen everywhere from writing, fashion to the most recent trend of body piercings. However, when it comes to piercings such as lip, labret, cheek, and tongue piercings, it is important to know all of the ...


Best Trip Tips From Your Dentist


Most of us Floridians can agree that we love the warm weather and that we need only to go down the road to enjoy a vacation. With the kids out of school and the snowbird traffic fully transitioning to summer holiday traffic, some of you may be thinking about summer vacation plans. While vacations are ...


Diet Health Tips For Better Oral Health


How often to do you hear - you are what you eat?  Of course, when we are speaking of our overall bodies health it comes straight to mind, but what about the health of your mouth? It is true that our diets affect every part of our bodies. The even greater truth is that it starts ...


Filling the Cracks – Dental Fillings


We brush twice and day and do our best to floss and gargle with antiseptic, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, cavities happen.  And if they do, there are some things you should know about how we treat your  teeth. What If It Is A Baby Tooth—Does It Really Need A Filling? Baby teeth may not seem ...


Super Hero Of Oral Health – Saliva

héroe de la boca

We love superheroes. Our culture at the moment is fascinated by them.  As children we loved humming the theme song and, of course, adding the sound effects to our heroic movements. Now, what if one our superheroes was just under our noses?  I am talking about the Aquaman of your mouth - your saliva. Read on ...


Beat Your Teeth’s Aging Process


Ahh, the aging process. We as men and women are openly embracing hair color, wrinkle creams, and other lotions and potions along with diet and exercise to push off the natural signs of age. But what are you doing to help not let the sign of age show on your teeth? Read on to learn great ...


No Fool Fun Facts for April


April Fools Day is Here! In celebration here are fabulous fun facts - no fooling! Here Are 10 Fun Dental Facts If you’ve been using floss daily, by the end of the year the total length will be the perimeter of a baseball diamond! Is your floss going to make it to home plate? Because birds lack teeth, many ...


The Red Light – Green Light On Brushing


Learning to drive a car and learning how to swing a golf club is a great achievement but the mastering comes from being able to do so with muscle memory.  Brushing our teeth is another skill that we learn to do from a very early age.  This good habit is easy but can easy fall into a routine ...


Healthy Teeth For Your Whole Family

great dental health coconut grove fl

Do not forget that your furry four legged members of your family need to brush their teeth too! That’s right! Your pets need their teeth taken care of too! While their teeth don’t require quite as much attention as ours do, your pet’s teeth still need a little tender loving care to keep them healthy. Open Wide To ...


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