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A Tight-Lipped Subject – Oral Cancer

A Tight-Lipped Subject – Oral Cancer
by Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.

Read A Tight-Lipped Subject – Oral Cancer by Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S. to learn more about Grove Smiles® Dentistry and our Dentistry office in Coconut Grove, FL.

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One of the most frightening words today regarding our health is the “C” word. As a dentist, I am not speaking about cavities, although my patients do not like to hear that word either. However, the most frightening diagnosis of cancer in our case is oral cancer.

Don’t Forget Your Oral Cancer Screening!

In today’s modern society, we understand preventative screenings and get regular prostate exams, mammograms, and, if need be, colonoscopies. We know that these preventive health care exams are crucial for detecting any abnormalities–including cancer–early and can save our lives with early treatment if necessary.

But what about oral cancer screenings? Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that a regular oral cancer screening is just as important as the other preventative exams. Today, we want our patients and residents of Coconut Grove, FL, and surrounding communities to understand that visiting the dentist for a routine checkup every six months is not just to make sure you do not have cavities, but it can save your life.

Don’t Delay – You Could Pay

Although not as well-known as the other cancers, 400,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year in the U.S. alone; that is approximately 132 new cases every day and someone dying of oral cancer every hour.

Oral cancer is particularly aggressive and should not be dismissed as only about half of oral cancer patients survive five years past their diagnosis.

These statistics are very frightening but necessary to know in regards to early detection and treatment. For example, early detection of oral cancer can boost survival rates by 80 to 90 percent.

It is also important to understand that oral cancer is so harmful because many patients are not diagnosed until they are in the late stages. By raising awareness about this disease and the need for regular screenings and developing oral health habits early in life, we hope to help stop that from happening.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Certain lifestyle activities and risks can put you at a greater danger of developing oral cancer. Familiarize yourself with these risk factors:

* Tobacco Use – Smoking and other tobacco use make you three times more likely to develop oral cancer

* Alcohol Consumption – Drinking alcohol more than doubles your risk of oral cancer

* Age – Two-thirds of individuals with oral cancer are over age 55

* Excessive Sun Exposure – Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can increase your risk of developing lip cancer.

* Rise of Sexually Transmitted Infections – HPV, human papillomavirus, a common sexually transmitted disease, has now proven in studies to show that those individuals with HPV are 32 times more likely to develop oral cancer–even more so than tobacco users.

While knowing the risks can help us prevent oral cancer, it still occurs in people without any of the above risk factors. In fact, it is becoming increasingly more prevalent among non-smoking, healthy adults.

Notice Changes And Go To Regular Screenings

We’re all used to the occasional canker sore or sensitive cheek that we accidentally bit while eating dinner. While sores in the mouth are common, it’s important to remember that oral cancer often begins as a painless sore that outstays its welcome. If you experience any of these symptoms, come in to see us right away:

* A lump or thickening in your cheek
* A white or red patch on any part of your inner mouth or throat
* Numbness inside the mouth
* A sore inside your mouth that doesn’t heal within two weeks
* Difficulty with swallowing, chewing, or moving the tongue or jaw

The most important thing you can do to combat oral cancer is to get regular screenings. As Dentists, we are the first line of defense against this disease and are often the first health care professionals to notice any abnormalities.

Don’t Miss Your Checkup!

At Grove Smiles Dentistry in Coconut Grove, FL, we want to keep you and your loved ones healthy and smiling brightly for a lifetime. So, ask us more about oral cancer screenings when you come in for a biannual checkup or are at the dentist for your visit.

Let’s Raise Awareness Together in Coconut Grove

Unfortunately, we do not hear as much about oral cancer as other cancers, and many people are unaware of their need to get screened at routine dental exams regularly. As your trusted oral health care providers, we want to change that. This month, help us spread oral cancer awareness by sharing this post with your friends and loved ones.

We love being your trusted dental practice! Thank you!

Did you enjoy it? Share it and make a difference today!

For Your Health,

Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.

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