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Periodontal Dental Care in Coconut Grove FL

Periodontal Dental Care in Coconut Grove FL
by Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.

Read Periodontal Dental Care in Coconut Grove FL by Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S. to learn more about Grove Smiles® Dentistry and our Dentistry office in Coconut Grove, FL.

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Brushing your teeth recently have you found that there is more blood in the sink than there should be?  On investigation are your gums red and irritated and seem to be slightly receding?

If so read on… For when it comes to periodontal disease or commonly called gum disease knowing the risk factors can mean the difference between heading off a problem early or suffering more serious damage later.

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease is usually caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. If plaque is not removed with thorough daily brushing and cleaning between teeth, gums become irritated and inflamed.  The irritated gum tissue can separate from the teeth and form spaces called pockets. Bacteria move into the pockets where they continue to promote irritation. Left untreated, the process can continue until the bone and other tooth-supporting tissues are destroyed. The early stage of periodontal disease is called gingivitis. It often results in gums that are red and swollen and may bleed easily.

Gum disease is generally more common in adults than children, with the exception of a mild form of the disease known as gingivitis.  For children, improving the habits surrounding brushing and flossing can be enough to tip the scales, but as patients grow older, more problems arise as gum disease becomes more advanced.

In advanced stages the gums start to pull back from the teeth, which leave a space for infections to begin and grow.  As the infections progress, the body becomes its own worse enemy with its self defending immune system.  As the immune system responds to those infections it will have a catastrophic effect on bone and connective tissue that, untreated, leads inevitably to tooth loss.

The risk for men is slightly higher than that for women in general; there is also a body of evidence that indicates the prevalence of gum disease is higher in some families than others, suggesting genetics are at play.  Further studies indicate that nonsmokers suffer less from gum disease than smokers and patients who suffer from diabetes are at higher risk as well.

Periodontal Dental Care

Periodontal dental care is a three-step process.

First step is diagnosis. Periodontal disease is diagnosed by our team of dentist and dental hygienist as part of our thorough regular dental check-up.  A periodontal probe (small dental instrument) will be used gently gently to measure the sulcus (pocket or space) between the tooth and the gums. The depth of a healthy sulcus measures three millimeters or less and does not bleed. The periodontal probe helps indicate if pockets are deeper than three millimeters.  As periodontal disease progresses, the pockets usually get deeper.  Dr. Parr or one of our wonderful hygienists will use pocket depths, amount of bleeding, inflammation, tooth mobility, etc., to make a diagnosis that could fall into the three stages of gum disease which are gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.

Second step is treatment. Periodontal treatment methods depend upon the type and severity of the disease. Our dentist and dental hygienist will evaluate for periodontal disease and recommend the appropriate treatment.

The third step is maintenance. It only takes twenty four hours for plaque that is not removed from your teeth to turn into calculus (tartar)! Daily home cleaning helps control plaque and tartar formation, but those hard to reach areas will always need special attention.

We Can Help!

Our Expert Team at Coconut Grove Dentistry is here to make sure that you and your family will have healthy strong teeth and gums for life.  So remember to start strong and stay strong.  If challenges do occur rest assured that our team leader Dr. Stephen J. Parr has the experience and knowledge to get you smiling again fast!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.

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