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Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Tooth Trivia

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Tooth Trivia

Have you ever been stumped by a quiz or trivia question?
If you are an adult or parent, you have probably experienced that moment more than once when a child has asked you to explain something… and suddenly realize you don’t know it as well as you thought. So in honor of the upcoming school year, here’s a quick study guide on cavities. Read and watch carefully; there will be a fun short quiz at the end.

Cavities are hollows left in your teeth when decay happens. Decay, or “dental caries,” is an oral disease—a bacterial infection in your mouth. When this bacterial infection builds up on your teeth, it forms plaque. Having this bacteria doesn’t necessarily mean you have tooth decay. But when the bacteria interacts with sugars and starches, enamel-eating acid is created. So your first defense against tooth decay is your diet. Try to limit sugars and starches, foods that stick in your teeth, excessive acidic foods, and soft drinks. Your second defense against tooth decay is keeping your teeth clean! Brush your teeth twice a day, and be sure to floss so there’s less chance of creating acids that can wear down tooth enamel. Brushing also counteracts the plaque and tartar that’s building up over time. And remember that even with consistent care at home, regular professional checkups and cleanings are vital for sound oral health.

Next, The Out Of The Mouth Of Babes Video Tutorial:

Let’s Put Your Knowledge To The Test With This Short Quiz!

Now that you have had a quick refresher course on dental health basics, how do you think you would stack up on a little quiz? Surprisingly the average grade on this quiz is a “D”! But we’re sure that our patients will do better than that!

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What Are Your Results? Let Us Know!

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As always, if you have any questions about your oral health or any dental-related subject, ask us! Our fantastic team at Grove Smiles Dentistry in Coconut Grove, FL, is here to keep you healthy and informed.

Better yet, schedule your next dental visit and at the appointment, see if you can stump the Dentist, Dr. Stephen J. Parr, or one of his amazing team members with a dental knowledge or trivia question.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Stephen J. Parr D.D.S.

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